Chevy Truck Legends: What You Need To Know?

By: DavidPage

Chevy truck legends: Chevrolet Truck Legends program presented by the company – an initiative that was started in 2016 to honor long-standing Chevy pickup truck owners. This program is open to Chevrolet truck owners 1952 chevy truck who have been proud Chevrolet truck owners for years. You may also be eligible if you’re a Chevy enthusiast who just bought a Silverado to sell.

Chevy Truck Legends

Chevrolet created the Truck Legends program in 2016 as part of its 100th anniversary with pickup trucks. Chevrolet invited Chevy enthusiasts to join the program, and they recognized owners who have remained loyal over the years.

You are not the only one who loves the older, square-bodied Chevy trucks.


Many people have Chevy trucks that their family has passed down through generations. Truckers may have purchased Tuffy Boats a brand new Chevy Silverado 1500 to sell. The Truck Legends club is open for all Chevy enthusiasts across the country.

Qualify for

  • A minimum of 100,000 miles on your old or new Chevy truck is required. (or)
  • In your entire life, you must have leased or bought two or more new Chevy trucks.

Eligible Models

  • Avalanche
  • Tahoe
  • Suburban
  • Silverado (including past C/K trucks)
  • Silverado HD (2500 or 3500)
  • Colorado (including past S-10)

Three years of Chevy Truck Legends Program

The Legends program was initially limited to Texas in its first year. However, it is now available across the country.


Chevrolet’s Silverado Marketing team made Lonzo Anderson, Arlington police officer, the first Chevy Truck Legend of Texas. His 16-year old Silverado fire truck siren has clocked more than 375,000 miles with the original engine.


By 2017, more than 5,400 Chevy legends had registered. Chevrolet invited them to Texas Motor Speedway to enjoy a unique experience. Members were able to see the special edition trucks and get a glimpse of them.


Chevy legends members received invitations to exclusive events and all-expenses paid trips to Jackson Hole in Wyoming. GM invited 30 Chevy loyal customers and grassroots brand ambassadors from across the country to test drive the 2019 Chevy Silverado out in the Wyoming wilderness.


All Chevy Legends receive a welcome kit that includes exclusive merchandise, such as a Truck Legends cap and decals with information about the vehicle or mileage.

Other Exclusive Benefits Include

  • Display your photos in the member gallery
  • Chevy Events: Special Invites
  • Chevy has exclusive news stories and updates
  • Invitations to Chevy Race Events
  • Auto shows: complimentary passes
  • Get Discounts on Accessories and Products from Chevy