The power of the VIN Number

By: DavidPage

Is the VIN number on a motorcycle located?

Like people having Social Security or National Identification numbers, all vehicles are assigned unique coded numbers known as Vehicle Identification Numbers. These numbers are vital if you want to locate the parts you need for a vehicle, truck, motorcycle or boat. However, watercraft owners refer to them as “hull identification number” or HINs. VINs can be used to track ownership, repair history, process insurance claims and maintain records about state registration. is a massive database of data on more than 350 million VIN records. contains motorcycle vin check information on the vast majority of cars that are registered in the U.S. The reports include data beginning in 1981, for all vehicles and trucks registered prior to the date.

To find out if a vehicle has been stolen or wrecked, if it has experienced major recalls and if it has suffered damage from hail or flooding, you can use its identification number. You can also check the vehicle’s service history and registration history, find out when it was last checked, who its previous owners were, and if anyone has reported fraud to the odometer.

These are both important considerations, regardless of whether you are looking at Ducati prices and the price of a Yamaha. To ensure it runs safely and correctly, a bike that has been damaged should be priced accordingly.

Everything You Need to Know About the VIN

The US Auto Manufacturers began using vehicle identification numbers in 1954. However, there was no standard and each manufacturer used its own method.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission in the United States began mandating VINs for all on-road vehicles, including cars and ATVs, in 1981. The VIN plate is usually found on the frame or on the steering column. Modern bikes usually have both an engine and frame VIN. If they are not matching, it is a sign that the vehicle was rebuilt or modified. This could be a red flag and indicate theft.

It can be more difficult to find the VIN number on a vintage motorcycle or bike made outside of the USA. It will usually still be on the frame or engine case. However, you might need to look around a bit. You can check the steering neck behind the headlight and the front frame rail. Google Images will allow you to search for photos showing the VIN on similar makes and models.

How to decode a VIN number

Each VIN can be broken down into its individual parts and “decoded”. You can also use the magic of the internet to find free VIN decoders online. Simply enter the number in a box, then click the button to send details about your machine to a commercial vehicle database. You should also be aware that data sets can vary. If the VIN decoder online you choose refers to a small dataset, you might not get any (or much) information back. You can always try another.

However, even though the internet is full of all the answers, it’s still fascinating to see what the VIN numbers mean and how many information designers managed to squeeze in to 17 places.

Start by breaking down your VIN into three sections. The first three digits are followed by six digits and the last eight digits.

Your VIN is an invaluable resource

You can decode your VIN to find out the exact make, model, year, and year of your motorcycle. This information will allow you to determine its value, negotiate with sellers, and set a fair price for your next 2-wheeled vehicle. You can find out the make, year, and model of the motorcycle that you are interested in buying. Then you can calculate the price of it, taking into account its condition and the location you live in.