Google’s Top 10 Vehicle Exhaust System Brands

By: DavidPage


Borla claims that their exhaust systems can improve your vehicle’s performance by 7-10 percent. Borla’s exhaust systems will not void your factory warranty if the stock catalytic convert is not removed. Borla offers a one-year warranty on all of their products.

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  1. Flowmaster

Flowmaster exhaust systems provide maximum horsepower and low exhaust sounds, both inside and outside the vehicle. Flowmaster offers a ten-year warranty on stainless steel systems, and three years for aluminized systems. Check out some of the sounds that flowmaster exhaust systems make.

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  1. Gibson

Gibson exhaust systems can increase horsepower by 10-20 percent and improve your vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 10%. They come with a lifetime warranty that will not affect your factory warranty. Gibson stainless steel systems come with an unlimited warranty.

  1. Magnaflow

Their mission is to make race performance exhaust systems available for everyone. Mario Andretti and Ivan Stewart have endorsed them, as well as many other top race drivers around the globe. They are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty on their stainless steel systems.

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  1. Walker

Walker is the largest manufacturer of original and replacement automotive exhaust systems. Walker offers a full line of emission control products to suit every vehicle and budget. Walker products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty and a risk-free 90-day guarantee.

  1. Corsa

Corsa is a relatively new company in the industry. It was founded in 1998 and first created products for the Chevy Corvette. They are manufactured in the USA, made with stainless steel and have a lifetime warranty.

  1. MBRP

MBRP products are well-known for their bolt-on design, high quality materials and ability to significantly increase performance. They offer excellent customer service that is available to all levels of home mechanics. The three-year warranty for aluminized products is included with stainless steel systems comes with a lifetime warranty.

  1. Bassani

Bassani started in 1969 making exhaust systems for motorcycles. They have years of experience and know how to make quality products that improve performance. They can make exhaust systems for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, SUVs and race cars. Their products come with a lifetime warranty.

  1. Banks

Banks was founded in 1958. Today, they design and manufacture their products on a 12-acre campus. The campus is home to world-class engineers who create and design high-performance systems. Their products come with warranties that range from two years to a lifetime.

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  1. GReddy

Greddy offers exhaust systems for all types of users, economical systems, that meet all laws and racing products as well as systems for off-road vehicles. Although their warranties are different depending on the product they sell, Greddy claims to have the lowest warrant claim rate in the industry.