Car mats: refresh, protect & add resale value

By: DavidPage

Car mats can protect your car’s floor, give you an interior makeover, and increase the vehicle’s resale price.

Standard factory floor mats can easily become stained with grease, dirt, and other undesirables if they are not protected. You can’t leave them unprotected for too long and they will not be fully restored.

Car floors can be hard to clean. Children and adults can spill food and drink, pets get in and out, and all the other stuff like bags of garden compost or home improvement supplies can end up inside. It’s no surprise that they look tired and grubby.

Fitted car mats are a great way to protect your car’s floors from all these hazards. Car mats are usually included with cars, but they can wear down over time. New Car Accessories can prolong the life of your carpeting by preventing long-term damage.

We make every effort to increase the value of a house when we sell it. This includes a massive spring clean, redesigning and tidying up the gardens. It shouldn’t be difficult to sell a car and get the best trade-in value.

Be aware that there are many car mats. Although many “one-size fits all” car mats are readily available, they often fail to provide the protection required.

If you don’t fit a mat that is specifically made for your vehicle, you might find them slip or curl at the edges. This could create a danger where your feet may get trapped beneath the curled edges and prevent you from reaching the pedals.

Our standard mats make a great entry-level mat and can be used to refresh your car’s interior. However, our deluxe mats are made of the same material as manufacturers use in new cars.

These mats can only be found in top-end vehicles. These mats are made from a deep pile carpet material that is similar to what is used in home furnishing. They really stand out.

Rubber mats in 3mm are also available. These mats offer the best in durability. These waterproof mats are ideal for protecting the interior of cars that have had pets or muddy boots.

All our car mats can be embossed with your custom text, except for the ultra-deluxe. Personalised car mats make great gifts and add an original touch to your car’s interior.

Everybody wants to get the most out of their car. We want it to look smart, clean, and maintain its value and appeal. Quality mats are a smart investment that can be easily removed and cleaned.