Kuroo Tetsurou: revision tips | x reader

By: DavidPage

You’d been sitting at your desk for the past hour and half, spewing a string of colorful curses as you struggled to remember the quotes. You cursed your kuroo tetsurou literature teacher for the third time. She had only informed the class about the upcoming assessment on Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ just a few days prior to the assessment. How is it possible to memorize enough quotes in a matter of days?

It wouldn’t have been a problem if the assessment was half of your final grade.

You were surprised that she thought she could have such authority over you. You stared at her, clutching your pencil kuroo tetsurou tightly in your hands. It was amazing it didn’t break right away.

“Yo (Y/N),”

As the voice of a single teenage bedhead brought Eija Skarsgard you to reality, you broke free of your chains of thought. You looked at him in complete confusion, blinking in confusion. As he spoke, he placed his hand on your head and ruffled your hair.

“kuroo Tetsurou So?

You said hello to Tetsu, and gave him a stiff smile. “How did you get in?”

Your question made him laugh. He realized that you must have been very spaced out. He looked down at his desk, which had a lot of sheets spread across it. The sheets were covered in highlighters, with the bright colours looking strange among the white paper. As a bull in china shop.

He said, “Your mother let you in (Y/N),” and you followed his lead, your eyes following the clock, which was directly behind the bedhead.

“Whoa! Is it already six o’clock?” you grumbled, getting up from your chair and throwing yourself onto your bed. You ignored the kuroo tetsurou presence, while you cursed your literature teacher with more irritation.

kuroo tetsurou “Are you alright?”

You cried “No!” “My literature teacher expects that I, the most forgetful person in the world, can memorise approximately seven million Shakespeare quotes within a matter of days!” “I’ve been practically sentenced to death!”

Your arms were extended in all directions to emphasize the pain you were feeling at the moment. You were lying on your back, rolling over on your bed. It sounded like the whole universe was plotting something evil for you and you had just realized it. He was reminded of another childish setter from conversations with the kuroo tetsurou crew. Your antics were so common that he simply raised his eyebrows at them.

“It’s alright for you to sit there and roll your eyes, Mr-I’m-in-a-preparatory-class-I’m-better-than-you,” you pouted, sitting up and crossing your arms across your chest as you glared at him, “and who said you could enter my room without knocking, clever clogs?”

He was able to escape the doorframe due to the accusatory stare you gave him. As he looked at your very irritated face, his palm was pressed against his neck.