Great Tips for Car Shipping

By: DavidPage

Are you looking to ship your car across state lines or across the country. These great tips will help you save time and money when shipping your car.

How far in advance should you place your order?

It is best to schedule your auto transport at least two days in advance. Although we are often able ship your vehicle the same day as you, it is better to give us a longer lead-time so that we can schedule your vehicle transport better.

If you want the best pricing, it is important to stay within two weeks of shipping. If there are many cars at higher prices, it can delay your order by $50-$75.

Do you ship your car open or enclosed?

An Open Trailer is used for approximately 97% of vehicle shipment. This method has been proven very safe with very few statistical problems. It’s not unusual to see new cars delivered to dealers in an open trailer. This is because it’s safer. We recommend that you ship your collector or expensive car in an enclosed trailer. An enclosed transport will cost you between 33-50% and 40% more. The auto shipping cost calculator automatically adds an Enclosed estimate to the quote. This allows you to experiment with the prices if you wish.

Is it better to pay a deposit?

It is vital to pay a deposit. A deposit is essential if you don’t want to hire an auto transport company. The company must pay a deposit to guarantee that they will ship your vehicle. They cannot cancel the agreement. The company that takes a deposit acknowledges their good faith and promises to deliver. The deposit will be returned if it is not. The car transport rate calculator provides several hundred estimates every day. However, only those who have placed a deposit will be serviced. It makes perfect sense that a reputable company would not do it this way.

What is the time it will take to pick up my vehicle?

More than 90% of orders are shipped within one week. This could take anywhere from one to seven days. The majority of Americans live in major cities and are shipping to other well-populated areas. Most cars ship within a few days. To increase your chances of getting your car shipped on time, you may want to meet a driver in a larger city or town nearby.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipment?

As much as possible, get rid of any loose items from your vehicle. Nothing of value should be left in your vehicle. Although it is rare for items to be stolen in transport, we advise extra precautions to avoid loss. As previously mentioned, keep extra items to a minimum. Keep them in your trunk or out of reach. Keep about 25% of your gasoline tank full. You should give the car carrier a set keys. Also, let them know any special instructions you have for your vehicle (such as difficulty starting or steering), and other details such as braking difficulties, etc.

How much does it cost to tow a car from Florida to Texas

Long distance car shipping quotes Towing is one the most trusted and reliable car transporters of Florida. Our fleet includes thousands of cars that can transport cars across the country from Florida. Shipping a car from Fort Lauderdale, Texas to Houston can seem costly. However, rates start at $650 for a small sedan, depending on the time of year. This is the best rate for a 1200-mile plus auto transport route.