​Lifestyle RV – Leading the Luxury RV Market

By: DavidPage

Lifestyle RV: Quality from the Frame Up

The frame is the foundation of every Recreational Vehicle. It plays a pivotal role in its towing characteristics, overall quality and performance – so don’t skimp here! Quality design starts from the ground up; don’t build your castle on thin air! A superior frame will boast an incredible degree of rigidity, eliminating deflection and twisting in the frame framework. This strength means fewer mechanical and physical issues over the life of the vehicle, enabling manufacturers to design other elements to a higher standard. Every Lifestyle framework is constructed internally with double-stacked box steel tubes for strength. Motor Home companies are the sole manufacturers in the industry that construct these frames from scratch. Most other firms don’t even design or fabricate their own designs – they rely on third parties for development and production. Lifestyle Luxury RV has designed the toughest, toughest framework in the industry: double stack steel tube design. This rigidity has allowed Lifestyle to incorporate features no other Motor Home maker can match in their vehicles that no other brand can match.

Lifestyle stands out with their double floor cellar, a feature unique to them that provides two major advantages. Firstly, this space-saving option increases storage capacity. The double floor cellar in Way of Living Recreational vehicles provides exceptional storage capacity–33% more than affordable vehicles. With three hull locations located at the front, middle, and back of a Recreational Vehicle, Lifestyle owners have ample locations for storage needs. The twin floor cellar design raises the floor higher up in a vehicle, increasing interior height. Unfortunately, for many women this may be an issue as upper closets tend to be out of reach anyway. By raising the floor, Lifestyle has put cabinets back within reach. Furthermore, decreased room height has also resulted in improved heating as hot air rises and settles higher on the ceiling instead of where you need it – such as at eye level!

Engineering Excellence – Full Wall Slide Outs

Lifestyle’s unique above the frame slide out design allows axle positioning to be independent of slide out area. It is necessary to determine the ‘optimal’ position for the fifth wheel’s axles in order to maintain optimal towing capabilities. Moving an axle a few inches either forward or backward can significantly impact these capabilities. Lifestyle can place axles in ideal places without cutting through or breaching the design. Any significant alteration to the blueprint puts at risk both its integrity and strength. Other manufacturers must position the axles so as to avoid damaging structural members that support them, or cut frame members to accommodate an axle.

The double stack steel tube design offers the greatest rigidity, enabling Lifestyle to incorporate full wall slide outs into their automobiles. Could other companies replicate this feat of engineering? Yes, it is inevitable that issues would arise over time. Lower frameworks may flex slightly when slides out are extended, but far more damaging are the modifications made when towed away from a vehicle. The strains placed on a design during transit can be immense. Eventually, even the strongest designs will crumble under the strain and no longer perform to expectations. For full wall slides to function optimally, they must be engineered with very limited resistances and tolerances that remain unchanged over the life of the vehicle. Only Lifestyle can guarantee this system will maintain its integrity for decades to come.

Due to their rigid construction, Way of Living Recreational Vehicle has been able to incorporate two structural features into their clean sweep slide outs. They have included an integrated sweeper head that collects all particles from the slide out when it is returned to its travel position. This has made it possible (and necessary) for Way of Living Recreational Vehicle to remove the fascia off the top back of the slider so all particles will be swept away when retracted – something impossible without its double-stack box steel tube framework.

Experienced RVers know the importance of having a secure seal between the Motor Home and top side of an extended slide out. Lifestyle has been able to develop an effective remedy through their cutting-edge limited resistance frame technology. As your slide out expands to its maximum position, it may drop a couple of inches so that the floor surfaces meet and form an even surface. For centuries, people have relied on gaskets and seals to keep water out. Unfortunately, these systems break down over time, necessitating replacement. The Lifestyle design solution is both more stylish and reliable; they have created a wedge at the end of the top slide out that precisely mirrors its geometry as it descends in area to form level flooring – providing an optimal seal every time.

Experience a Lifestyle RV at an Unbeatable Value

Though it can be easy to be overwhelmed when entering a luxurious Motor Home, take some time to research its design quality. Unfortunately, many RVs fail to live up to expectations. Standard design in RVs is often poor and many of the parts and components used are inexpensively made. Furthermore, you must determine if the company stands behind their product; you have likely come to realize that at the heart of every Lifestyle is an innovative design that sets itself apart from competitors. However, the superior quality of a Way of Living High-end RV doesn’t stop there. Lifestyle does not compromise on materials or parts used in each RV – making them both cost effective yet unmatched in value. If you want to learn more about our Deluxe Recreational vehicles, please give us a call. We provide all the details so you can make an informed decision.