Everything You Need Know about “Cow Print” Trend

By: DavidPage

Cow Print was a top fashion trend in 2018, and it was featured on catwalks all over the world. Cow Print was everywhere in the 1980’s, and although it might never be the same as it was then, it is unlikely that its vibrant versatility will ever be out of fashion.

Which Animal is it  Cow Print?

The leopard is the king of the jungle when it comes to Animals. Its sexy, naughty and sumptuous appearance is still a favourite big cat print among designers. It is still a favourite of the fur-coated stars of the twenties. This year’s trend is to clash Animals. You might style your leopard print with a cheetah or tiger or zebra.

When to wear animal:

Are you able to wear Animal throughout the year?

This question was answered by the strong presence of Animal at all 2018’s seasonal fashion shows. Bright colours are best for spring and summer. For autumn, choose burgundy and olive for the winter and then wrap up in the full-length faux fur Animal coat.

Can cow print be worn to a wedding?

A wedding is a celebration of love and life. What better way to celebrate than with a vibrant animal?

Can you wear an animal to work?

It will depend on what image you want to project and what nature of your work. Humans use a print that allows animals to blend in with their surroundings to draw attention. This print is fun, independent, and sexy. It may not be appropriate for your workplace. It’s fine if you work for a fashion house, agency, or creative agency. However, if you have to appear in court or classrooms, you might need to reconsider.

Can you wear an animal to a funeral?

Traditional funerals are attended by dark, sombre colors. To wear Animal in such a context would be offensive and insensitive attention seeking. Sometimes the deceased may have asked that no mourning colors be worn at their funeral. In these cases, Cow Print is more life-affirming.

Are you able to wear Cow Print to an Interview?

Interviews give the interviewee a relatively short time to make a good impression on interviewers. Although what is said matters, the interview panel will make subliminal decisions. Your clothing, body language, and voice pitch will all be considered secondary impressions that can either work in your favor or against you. It’s a bold move to wear Animal to an interview. This shows independence and feistiness. Animal and you could make a winning team if you have the courage to do it.

How to style an animal:

Are Animal handbags fashionable?

This season, handbags made from animal skin, especially a clutch, are a must-have accessory. You can use your Animal handbag as a splash of colour to neutrals or color blocks, or to be on-trend and mix it with other prints.

Are you allowed to wear Animals with stripes?

You can wear Animals with stripes. But, as with all things, there is an art to it. Carefully choose your stripes: vertical, horizontal, thick or thin. The more attention it draws, the thicker the stripe. Horizontal stripes can make you appear slimmer so wear loosely and pair it with an Animal jacket.

Cow Print is for everyone

Everyone. There is no age limit, no restriction on size or gender. Men should avoid tight Animal jeans unless they are a rock star. A Cow Print shirt with a short sleeves will work fine. Cow Print the eye is a way to show off your best features. For those over 50, you should stick to one animal per outfit.

Can Vegans Wear Animals?

There are many reasons people choose to be vegan. None of them has anything to do the abhorrence for animals. It is absurd to think that vegans shouldn’t wear animal print because it is made from animal markings. While vegans can choose to not wear Animal, there’s nothing un-vegan or hypocritical about wearing Animal.

You should know something about me: I have a very strict anti-Animal policy. I have an affinity for the traditional favorites, zebra and leopard print (check), which can give me vivid flashbacks to my youth, while simultaneously rushing back to popularity before anyone blinks an eye. The only exception is Animal. This underrated and uber-versatile design is the ideal fit.

Moooo ‘… What a great way for this article to begin. After the return of the leopard and tiger and the snake, it’s now time for another Cow Print. This one will be a domestic one. Cow Print was quickly a fashion trend, and it soon became a must-have.