Mai Sakurajima: An attractive individual

By: DavidPage


Mai Sakurajima, a beautiful individual, has a long, black, waist-length hair with bangs that hang on the left with a bunny-shaped barrerette in her back. She also has blue-purple eyes. Her body is slim and well-defined. At 162 cm (or 165 according to other sources), she is tall for a Japanese girl.

She wears brightly colored high heels in black and her long, slender legs are covered with translucent black tights. The outfit was similar to a black leotard. It highlighted her lines while the chest created a modest valley. Her wrists were accented with white cuffs, while her neck was covered by a black bowtie.

Her school uniform, consisting of a white collared shirt with a red tie, cream vest, brown shoes and a blue skirt with a light brown blazer, is worn unbuttoned by her. Her uniform also includes translucent black tights. She usually wears casual clothing when she is not at school.

Mai Sakurajima Personality

Mai Sakurajima is serious, especially around Sakuta Zusagawa. You can consider her a type B Tsundere. She isn’t rude by default but can get annoyed easily and seem a bit snappy or violent when Sakuta says or does something sexual. Sakuta’s lewd comments about her usually get her to pinch, slap, or step on Sakuta’s foot. However, she can be just as easily flustered and her tsundere act falls apart. Mai Sakurajima prefers to avoid and stuff down unpleasant feelings rather than dealing with them. Sakuta frequently points out that she is “dishonest” and often lies about her feelings. Sakuta and Sakuta love to tease each other but she is also a snarky person who loves to joke around with Sakuta.

Mai is sensitive, kind, polite, levelheaded and helpful. Sakuta’s younger sibling, Kaede Azusagawa is also a favorite of Mai. Mai Sakurajima, Sakuta’s younger sister, is very intelligent. She has been said to have excellent grades and she even helped Sakuta with her studies at one time. Although Mai can sometimes be harsh and strict with Sakuta, calling him an idiot or a pervert, she is also affectionate and kind. She often claims that she loves Sakuta more than he realizes.

Sakuta subdued her invisibility. However, she was anxious about the possibility of being forgotten completely. As she was still bitter about the circumstances that caused her hiatus, she was sensitive to the subject of her hiatus. These feelings have subsided since she started working at another agency. She was a bit distrustful and pessimistic due to her anxiety. However, she is still a compassionate person.

Overall, Mai Sakurajima, despite being sensitive and emotional, is a very kind and caring person. Mai was a notable example, denying Sakuta’s hospitalization as false. She also gave Kaede a dress as a gift. She is also selfless and sacrificed her life to save Sakuta. Sakuta still manages to save Sakuta.

She can be described as being very similar to Sakuta in general: both are quick-witted and have a sarcastic streak. However, they are also very kind and helpful with an enormous heart who does what is right.

Mai Sakurajima Biography

Mai Sakurajima was a model for magazines and television. Her mother owned a photography agency. Although she enjoyed her work as a model for the television and magazine industry, the pressures of being seen in public eventually took their toll. Mai Sakurajima was forced to take part in a photoshoot of her mother wearing swimsuits in her third year at middle school. Despite her mother’s repeated warnings that such photoshoots were unacceptable, she realized she was being used to make her mother money. She decided to go to high school instead. Due to work commitments, Mai Sakurajima was unable to attend school for half of her first year. She was isolated because she had become the odd one out in social circles. The student body was unable to handle her. Although they didn’t have any reason to bully her they feared that associating with her would lead to isolation. These events led to a severe emotional disturbance and Adolescence Syndrome, which caused her to disappear from the sight of others. She soon learned this, and although she initially enjoyed some relief from the spotlight, she soon realized that she was at risk of disappearing completely.