Remarried Empress: Recap 

By: DavidPage

Remarried empress The web Remarried Impress has been the talk in the Webtoon community. I discovered recently that the original content was written in web novel. I couldn’t stop reading it and spent my entire day (and night!) reading it.

Therefore, I decided to do a complete analysis of the three main characters. Rashta is too hateful for me to consider her a main character.

SPOILER ALERT! The following review includes major story lines about Remarried Empress, which are yet to be revealed in the Webtoon series.

That is remarried empress

Soveishu’s tragic story began with a cookie he and Navier shared as children. He is the only person who knows that cookies can make a woman infertile. This was something he never discussed to Navier.

Navier was unable to become pregnant even after three years of marriage. Sovieshu felt that Navier was sterile due to the cookie they shared together.

As Sovieshu became more and more frustrated by this idea, Rashta arrived. Rashta, in between all the royals and nobles stuck up, was like a delicate wildflower and a refreshing breeze for Sovieshu.

Sovieshu was able to take in Rashta because it is legal in Eastern Empire to have concubine/mistress.

Contrary to what many believe (that Sovieshu was a sexy playboy who only wanted more women in her life), Sovieshu had other reasons. He needed an heir.

Navier, to Sovieshu is an extraordinary empress. Her excellence as an empress cannot be disputed. Navier was a friend and colleague who he could rely on to run an empire.

What if Navier becomes infertile because of the cookie? This will bring down the Empire and end this Kingdom. Sovieshu was desperate for an heir.

Rashta has already been pregnant with the Emperor’s child. Based on the law of this empire, Rashta cannot have his baby. He or she will be a Bastard and can’t become the next King or Queen.

Sovieshu likely thought long about the question: “How can I get an heir and a great Empress?”

Sovieshu did not want Navier to go. Navier was more than a wife. She was also a “Navier”, an important category in Sovieshu’s life. She is highly praised by all, not just the kingdom remarried princesses, but also from around the globe. Sovieshu could not afford to make Rashta’s child a savage.

What if…what about if he leaves Navier for just a year to make Rashta empress?

  • This allows the baby to be a legal heir. After that, he can annul his divorce with Navier or remarry her. Shovieshu can be both a beloved heir as well as a perfect empress.
  • This was Shovieshu’s greatest mistake.
  • I understand that he didn’t want to lose an heir or an Empress. He remarried the empress, but his plan was not perfect.

Remarried empress [Personal Opionion]

After reading the web novel, it became clear that Sovieshu was not a moron who chooses a perfect empress to marry Rashta (a.k.a Trashta). Because he loved Rashta so much that he didn’t give Rashta a role as empress, he needed Rashta for his child to become a legal heir to the kingdom and a future queen/king.

  • Sovieshu was aware that Trashta wasn’t cut out for being an empress. It is so selfish to think that he could just kick Navier out and get her back another day. I changed my mind. Sovieshu is a class-A assh.
  • Sovieshu didn’t think about how Navier would feel about Sovieshu’s entire plan.
  • Sovieshu’s scheme was also at fault. He didn’t realize how clever and malicious Rashta was.
  • Sovieshu viewed everything from his point of view, so it was not necessary for Navier to discuss this idea.

And guess what? Navier wasn’t actually infertile. Sovieshu defeated Navier and she is immediately taken by Heinley. (Of course who would leave a beautiful queen such as Navier alone ?!).). Heinley soon makes Navier pregnant.

The matter is made worse by the fact that Rashta’s child was not his. Sovieshu is now disgusted at Rashta. He spends his time trying to grab his memories with Navier.

Rashta is the Witch archetype. But not in the modern view where she’s a strong woman who fights against oppression (that could be a representation of a man) to her freedom, no, she’s more classical.

Rashta isn’t something people fear or are afraid of, as she’s an amazing beauty in The Remarried Empress. However, she’s hated for what she does (by characters and readers) but also because of who she is.

Yes, she is a slave

What is the first thing we know about Rashta, before Navier even sees her? She’s a filthy girl the Emperor found in the woods, and took home to be with him because he was so infatuated with her appearance.

It’s hilarious how the loyal maids talk poorly about Rashta and blame her for the Emperor’s behavior.

So, what should we do when the narrator of the remarried empress shows that Rashta is seeking Sovieshu’s attention and love? She’s been described as filthy, dirty, and the one to blame for the Emperor’s affections from the beginning. The readers never expected Rashta to be likeable.

One characteristic of the Witch archetype: When a witch appears in a story, they are often the antagonist. They appear to be opposing the protagonist hero.

Rashta is now in control of her destiny, as Sovieshu will divorce Navier and get married to Rashta. This fact is a source of pride for Rashta.

She is the woman created to be hated and judged by the readers.

Because Rashta is blamed by the author in chapter 1, it’s easy to blame her for everything between Navier und Sovieshu.

It’s still funny to me that a character who remarried an empress and put in the Witch archetype today is judged so harshly in our society (especially western society as I know that my view is heavily influenced by western culture regarding women in my everyday experiences). The Witch figure in modernity is a symbol for feminism, going against what society expects from you, from your Mother, Sister, Wife or Queen

It’s also what Rashta does, even though she’s not called one by the narrative. She’s close to being a witch in our subconscious. We call her someone who should know better about “their place”.