The Top Prime Motorcycles Safety Tips All Riders

By: DavidPage

Many riders end conversations with the exact same two words. “Prime motorcycles Ride safely.” This phrase can be used in many ways, including the pointed “don’t die” and “keep your rubber side down”. You can ride in a way that will allow you to live another day. How can we safely ride? We all know that every time we put a leg on a bike we are taking a chance. What is the best way of managing this risk?

Before you ride

Most people believe that the ride starts when you shift into the first gear and release the clutch. Technically, that is true, but I prefer to do my safety checks before I go. Before the ride begins, you must complete 6 of the items on this list.

1. Choose the right prime motorcycles

Wait. Wait. What is it? What does this mean? Before we can start riding, we must find the right bike for us. For new riders, choosing a bike can be as hard as choosing a tattoo. We also rent bikes to test out bikes and take them on trips.

* Total power – This is a complicated metric. A bike with high displacement doesn’t necessarily mean that it is faster. A prime motorcycles with a 700cc engine can go as fast as one with a 1400cc engine. It all depends upon the weight

* Wet weight – Are you planning to ride a tour bike but have not been on Bonnevilles before? You can do this, but be prepared

* Power-toweight ratio – A higher number means a faster bike. If you have ever learned to ride a cruiser, it is advisable to be cautious. Higher ratios mean that bikes will have shorter braking distances and faster acceleration. They also have higher top speeds.

* Your judgment – Sometimes we imagine riding a bicycle and then something tells us that it isn’t right for us. Perhaps you’ve never ridden with a tandem. Maybe the bike is just too fast. Listen to your gut. Don’t get in over your head.

2. Wear a helmet that covers your entire face.

Always wear a full-face helmet with a face shield or eye protection. Always. Jim, my friend, rides and wears a motorcycle helmet. Accidents happen at slower speeds. Even at these slow speeds, wearing a helmet can increase your risk. If you are hit by gravel, a helmet could save your life. Or an oil slick. Your head hits something. Safe riding is essential. One more thing.

3. Wear protective gear – always

These are the main rules. Boots that cover your ankles. An abrasion-resistant jacket with armor. Long pants or jeans. Gloves. For extra protection, you can wear moto boots and prime motorcycles pants with armor. You don’t have to drop a bike if you want to horizontally park your bike.