By: DavidPage

My family was able to raise me with an incredible todds motorcycles. I learned a lot from her and was able to learn the ropes of todds riding. I’ve compiled a list with tips for those starting out on their own. These tips are still useful and I continue to use them to this day.

1) Use the right gear

This tip is the most important. You want to be seen and covered as a todds motorcycles. All you need to remember is ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time). Our bodies are not built to withstand high speeds on the roads. You need the right protection. To ensure maximum protection, you should start by looking ADVANCED AUTO for a SNELL/ECE-approved helmet. There are many cheaper helmets, but you’re essentially saying that your head is worth only $150 by buying a lower-quality helmet. You should choose weather-appropriate and visible riding jackets, pants and boots. This is particularly important if your motorcycle is a black-todds motorcycles. You will be invisible to other motorists. The motorcycle “running shoes”, which are great for footwear but not for protection, look great. Shoes that cover your ankle and gloves that protect the wrist are good options.

2) Make sure you check your ride todds motorcycles

Take a quick look at your bike. What is the tire pressure? Is there oil in the driveway? Are you able to get enough gas? Do you know how much gas you have left for your new bike? Etc. These tips will make your ride more enjoyable.

3) Go to the place you want.

You will look at a pole and move towards it. If you’re looking at a car while making a turn, you will be moving towards it. This is how you get the idea. You will improve your riding skills by focusing on the road ahead.

4) 70/30 braking

You should, unless you are dirt biking, practice 70/30 brakes. To ensure a progressive and smooth stop, 70% should be applied to your front brake while 30% should go to the rear brake. Your front brake should not be used exclusively.

5) Ride defensively

This tip is about a range of defensive habits. Good riders should practice consistent shoulder checks at all times, whether they are stopping or moving off. You should avoid blind spots, as todds motorcycles are not easily visible to motorists. To speed up, a rider might choose to ride in a lower gear. However, you should always be more defensive on your bike then in your car.