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How to duplicate your car keys using chips

Car Key Specialist Locksmith: Car manufacturers have long sought ways to prevent car theft. To make it harder for thieves, they’ve installed kill switches, glass break sensors, double key systems and double-key systems in their vehicles. After implementing laser cut technology and chip keys into their vehicles, car theft has drastically decreased.

Also referred to as a “chip key”, or a “transponder key”, an electronic authorization device known as a transponder allows you to unlock your car with just the key you have. Transponders send the correct password, enabling the immobilizer system in your car to turn on automatically.

Chip keys were developed to solve the issue of duplicate car keys using chips. Chip keys differ from regular metal keys in that they store your vehicle’s password and coded with a unique signature that cannot be copied like regular metal car keys. To make your chip key work, you must match it with your car’s unique password.

What is the Difference Between Car Keys and Chips?

Transponder keys are car keys with electronic chips embedded, designed to combat car theft. Each chip key contains a unique digital code which communicates with your car’s antenna each time you turn the ignition on. Every vehicle has its own “password,” meaning you must insert the correct chip key in order for the car to start up.

Transponder keys come in various shapes and sizes: flat transponder keys (smart keys), remote flip keys, smart keys and “smart keys”, to name a few. But they all function the same: when you turn your ignition on it sends the password to the car’s transponder system and, if it matches, the car will start moving!

Benefits of Chipping Your Car Keys

Transponder keys offer more security for your vehicle.

If you’re concerned about the cost of replacing your car keys with chip-like chips, don’t be. Transponder keys have significantly improved security for cars in recent years – without them, our cars would have been far easier to steal without transponder technology, and duplicate keys were easy to obtain as well. Car theft was a serious problem back then due to lack of protection.

Replacing chip keys on modern cars can be a complex process that necessitates special programming techniques not available with older cars. To make duplicate keys for modern vehicles, however, require different processes than what was required previously.

The traditional methods of car theft are no longer effective.

Car theft techniques such as hot-wiring are no longer viable due to transponder keys being introduced. You cannot bypass your ignition to start your car; that requires sending the correct password; without this password, the car won’t start.

How to Duplicate Car Keys with Chips

These options will explain how to duplicate your car keys using chips.

Option 1: Request a duplicate from Your Local Dealership

Local dealers often charge more for car key services than automotive locksmiths do, so make an appointment and bring your vehicle in for the process – which could take several hours. When selecting a dealer near you, be certain that your car will receive genuine OEM keys from them.

Option 2: Reach Out to Your Local Locksmith

This option requires contacting a locksmith in your local area.

An automotive locksmith can make duplicate keys for most cars at a lower cost than what you would find at your local dealer. Furthermore, car locksmiths often provide mobile services which significantly reduce waiting time to book an appointment and drive your car to the dealer.

Option 3: It might be possible for you to handle it yourself.

Some cars allow you to program your key fob yourself. Check with your manual to see if your vehicle has an On-Board programming feature, then follow these simple instructions for programming the new fob keys. Online purchase of a replacement key is possible, though be sure to trust the seller when doing so.

Recommendations for Duplicating Car Keys

Are you in the market for a specialist who can duplicate car keys using computer chip keys? Look no further – here are our recommendations!

1) Before purchasing new car keys online, make sure they come from a dependable source. Many times these keys won’t function properly after programming them.

2) Some vehicles offer Onboard programming. Check your owner’s manual to see if yours does; it usually provides programming instructions as well as valuable insights such as how many keys are in the system.

3) Once you’ve chosen a local locksmith, it is essential that you don’t just select the lowest price option. A wrong programming process could result in costly repairs and compromised security on your vehicle; only an experienced specialist should work on it.

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