Car air conditioner problems and how to fix them

By: DavidPage

Fixing Car Air Conditioner Issues

On a hot summer day, nothing beats the cool breeze created by your car air conditioner. But if it starts giving you headaches, here are some common causes and solutions for fixing those pesky Car air conditioner problems.

Why is my car air conditioner not functioning?

Fixing common air conditioner problems doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require you to visit your nearest service station. Use this guide to identify the issue and see if you can resolve it yourself; if not, book an appointment at CRS Automotive locations in Hamilton and Cambridge, Ontario, Canada for professional assistance.

Check for Fridgerant Leaks

Take a look at any hoses connected to the air conditioning unit. If any damage or an oily substance appears on any, you could have an air conditioner leak. To fix this yourself, purchase sealant from an auto repair shop and follow its manufacturer’s instructions on repairing one. We highly recommend getting this issue checked out by one of our professional staff members as some leaks can be difficult to detect and resolve without experience in such repairs.

Examine the Condenser

Your car’s air conditioner condenser is located at the front, usually just behind the engine grill. To access it, carefully take off the grill and inspect for any obstructions to airflow to the condenser – such as leaves or dirt that might have gotten stuck there. Clean out anything that has become stuck there to ensure optimal performance.

Once the condenser is clear, inspect it for visible damage. Any bent or damaged components should require professional assistance in order to be resolved.

Take a look at the Cooling Fans available.

Over time, cooling fans may become damaged or malfunctioning. To determine if this is the issue, take a look at your fans. If there is any visible damage (such as a broken blade), you will need to have them replaced immediately.

Conduct an inspection of the wiring and electrical components.

If you do not possess any expertise in diagnosing electrical faults and working with electrical components, we suggest leaving this step to our professional service staff. However, if you are familiar with vehicle electrical wiring, you can inspect the air conditioner unit’s wiring to identify if any fuses need replacing.

Run the Air Conditioner

As soon as you turn on the air conditioner, pay attention to how it operates. Are there strange noises coming from it? Is the air blowing out not quite as cold as usual? These could be signs that there is something wrong with the compressor. Unfortunately, you cannot do much about this yourself; book a service appointment with CRS Automotive so we can diagnose the problem and offer reliable advice on how best to resolve it.

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