Tips and tricks from a locksmith who specializes in car keys

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How to duplicate car keys using chips

Car manufacturers have attempted to develop ways to stop car theft over the years. To make it more difficult for car thieves, they’ve invented kill switches, glass breaking sensors, and double key systems. The implementation of laser cut and chip keys technologies in their cars has helped to reduce car theft.

A chip key can also be called a transponder key. It’s a car key that is equipped with an electronic authorization device known as a transponder. It transmits the “password”, or the right password, to your car. This allows the immobilizer (or immobilizer) to start.

Chip keys have made it possible to duplicate car keys by using chips. A chip key is different from a regular car key. It stores the vehicle password. Each coded chip key is unique. You cannot copy the chip key because it is protected by a password. This is not possible with regular metal keys. For it to work, you will need to match the new chip key with the unique password of your car.

What are car keys with chips and what do they mean?

Chip-enabled car keys are known as “transponder keys” and were introduced to stop the rise in car theft. Chip keys are unique digital codes that communicate with your car’s radio every time you turn it on. You must have the right key to the ignition in order to start your car. Each vehicle has a unique password.

There are many types of transponder keys. They can be flat, flat, flat, or remote flip keys. All transponder keys work the same: every time the key turns the ignition, it sends a password to the car. If it matches, the car starts.

The benefits of car keys with chip technology

Transponder keys offer greater security

The benefits of replacing your car keys by chips are worth the expense. Transponder keys dramatically improved the car’s security. Without transponder technology our cars were very easy for thieves to take, and duplicate keys were easy. Car theft was a problem because cars were not as secure as they are today.

Replacing chip keys is not an easy task and can often require a unique car programmer. Duplicating car keys requires new programming techniques, which are different from what older cars had.

The old car theft methods are now obsolete

Hot-wiring and other car theft methods no longer work after you have introduced transponder key. The ignition cannot be bypassed. You must have the correct password to start the car. Even if someone tries to force or bypass your ignition switch, it will not work.

There are several ways to duplicate your car keys with chips

You can use the following options to learn how to get duplicate keys for your car with chips.

Option 1: Purchase a duplicate from the local Dealership

Your local dealer will be able to provide you with a new chip-key duplicate. The cost of car key services is often higher at a dealership than for automotive locksmiths. Dealers often require you to schedule an appointment in advance and to drive your car to them. The process will usually take several hours. It is a good idea to choose a local dealer so you can be certain you are getting an OEM car key.

Option 2: Call your local auto locksmith

An automotive locksmith will be able provide you with a duplicate car key. Most often, the cost of an automotive locksmith is less than that charged by your local dealer. A car locksmith will provide a mobile service which is a significant time-saver as you don’t have to drive your car to the dealer.

Option 3: You may be able do it yourself

Some cars allow you the ability to program your key fobs manually! It is worth checking your car manual to determine if it has an Onboard programming option. With some simple instructions, you can program your new fob key keys yourself if it has one. A new key fob can be purchased online. Make sure you only buy from a trusted source.

Recommendations on Duplicating Car Chip Keys

1) Buy your car keys online from a trusted seller. You might find that some sellers sell your car keys at a very low price. However, many keys are lost or stolen shortly after they have been programmed.

2) Some cars have an Onboard program option. You should always check your owner’s guide to determine if this is available. Many times, the instructions for programming and great information such as how many chips keys your vehicle can store within the system will be included in these manuals.

3) If you have chosen to deal with your local locksmith as someone who must choose their locksmith, then you need to make sure you are not choosing the cheapest price. An incorrect programming procedure can result in costly repairs and compromises to security. It is important to have a qualified specialist work on your vehicle.