Loomian Legacy: Oneshots

By: DavidPage

Story 1: Blizzards & Glaciers Loomian Legacy

To get Aspen’s heart beating faster, all you had to do was say “Ice-type”. Over the years, he had many favourites Loomian Legacy. He was attracted to Spirit types for a while, but he knew that the Flying type would be his ‘the one’.

While his thoughts wandered, however, his heart remained close to those who live in the tundra. The snow was a magical thing. It promised the best blizzards, the best clothes, and lights dancing in the sky.

He smiled at his Snocub and looked down.

Story 2: Stars of Sepharite Loomian Legacy

Sepharite City’s lights aren’t the most beautiful or most useful in the world. They are everywhere, shining through sheets of glass and glaring at buildings, billboards, and other structures. It doesn’t matter how useful they can be.

Leora is aware that they should be bothering her. She has never liked noise and bustle. Every now and again, however, the building-lights go out and all that remains are the lamp posts. The city becomes a maze of stars against the dark.

When people ask her about why she likes Sepharite City, with all its smog horns and horns, she responds that she loves to watch the lights dance.

Story 3: Lesser Relics

Kell was raised on legends. It was inevitable because Kell grew up on the shores Lagoona Lake, which is famous for its crystals, and its complex tunnel system.

Kell grew up with legends and couldn’t be more passionate about them.

He believed that the only thing that spoke to him about the lake was the earth and the mysterious Voidstones. He could carve, he was able to sell, and he marvelled at how each combination made a Capture Disc different.

He wondered at times how the voidstones were created. He didn’t dwell on it for too long.

Story 4: Memoirs of Ghost

According to them, if you are full of dreams and hope, it’s best to avoid Heiwa’s cemetery.

Sanyu is familiar with the legend. Every child in Heiwa knows the legend. She is familiar with the blue flames and empty eyes of the grieving spirit. She’s seen relatives visit the ashes of their loved ones and pay respects, but she also knows that it’s possible to be harmed. The rhyme is more scary than any truth.

She doesn’t realize that every story has truth.

When she gets her first chance to go alone to the graveyard, she’s only eleven years old. She tells her family to leave her alone at the Rally Ranch where they will be catching up with old friends. She has seen it before and doesn’t like the people she’s going to meet. She is also familiar with the village. She will be fine.

She considers going to the cemetery, but they leave. She almost enters too, as she is staring at the cemetery’s path when she comes to a halt. It could be a strange chill in her stomach, or a fluttering feeling in her stomach. Whatever it is, she decides not to go.

  • That day, she runs home. Her family is unaware.
  • It is four years later that she decides to give it another go.

This time she’s fifteen and things are going well. Every day she is improving Loomian Legacy’s baking skills, each sweet anpan roll bringing her closer to her stardom dream, and she looks forward to seeing her little sister challenge the Battle Theatre tomorrow. She can’t shake spirit tales and dubious warnings coming from her gut.

  • She climbs out of bed and heads for the cemetery.

The path is lit by the half-moon’s rays. The shadows dance to each flicker of the torches, leaping up to meet the light. Many Ventaceans of the Moeru Lakes lie in their beds, still and silent. Sanyu will ignore any hint that something is not right.

She ignores any sign that the silence is too heavy or that the Loomian Legacy, even the nocturnal, might be hiding from the territory they love.

If they were not too loud, she would ignore the howls coming from the graveyard.

When she reaches the gates, she sees that there is a net of brambles or thorns covering the entrance. Sanyu is a skilled climber and has been climbing cherry blossom trees since she could walk. She hooks her feet around spikes and wraps her hands around thickest stems of the flowers to push herself over.

She doesn’t think to ask why they were left in that state. Her mind is only running on adrenaline.

She walks twice around the graveyard. She avoids people’s buried remains and ashes. The rhyme was likely created to keep children from disturbing the graveyards. It’s not her intention to disrespect the dead. She can only smell faintly of cinders in the night air, and it is cold and dry.

  • They’re trying to push Loomian Legacy away and rushing her around.
  • She ignores them, just like everything else.
  • When she finally attempts to leave, she can’t ignore that ghostly force behind.

The chill is the first thing she feels. The same sensation she felt when she tried to brave the graveyard. But this time, it’s more than just a slight gust of wind. Sanyu almost can imagine the ice taking solid form, reaching out to her neck and grasping her neck. She gasps as the ice seeps into herself.

She tries to calm down, to stop pushing towards the exit. After all she has read about it, it makes things worse. As she thinks, her grip becomes less strong.

  • When the urge to run is strong, it will be tightened again.

She hears the Whispups around her screaming in fear, but soon their barks are drowned by…something else. Something primordial. A cry that comes from everywhere and nowhere, below and above the world, and touches something deeper. Although it has no words, it conveys a clear message.

It is felt more than heard by her, and she would have been filled with sorrow if it hadn’t already consumed her by fear. She’s stiff, frozen and shaking simultaneously, and she can only breathe when the ghostly grip pulls at her and turns her around.

  • She can then do nothing.
  • She has vivid memories of the walk she made to the graveyard. She sees the beast of Heiwa, and its flames.
  • It laughs, howling again. Ikazune, I thought you’d never, never, never never– you took her away, lost in the soul-fire-salt-stream. You’ll also be lost, lost, and you will be.
  • Her vision is becoming darkening and the beast squints at her. Maybe the legend is true. They said that the beast had no eyes.
  • Sanyu now knows that they are mad.
  • They are the last thing she will know before all is lost.

(A darkness that is also alive and reaching for Loomian Legacy. It is filled with sorrow and shame, and all the days that could have been if someone, somewhere, chose something else. And like the cry, it’s something she feels with the heart and not her senses. It weeps almost as much as it is human.

It would have been much easier if it weren’t. It is easier to confront something else than something familiar that has been shattered into pieces.

She is surrounded by a cold, burning spirit that reaches out for hers. As they burn her essence, little flames crackle like teeth and fill it up with the ashes and echoes from life. She can’t focus on the final moments of her life, on Loomian Legacy, her sister, who is challenging the Battle Theatre tomorrow and her parents, whom she’s never going to see again, because she’s too overwhelmed with the memories of someone else’s.

Whispers, first. A stream of thoughts…

  • We were happy, happy sparks and fire before you took her life and all that it brought with it.
  • We were both made of rock and flame and the rock was lost like you, but you weren’t supposed to lose the rock and leave. And look at what happened now.
  • You, for what you did and continue to do and will steal, and it will be paid for.
  • Which explode into a flood visions.

Images of rivers of magma and chambers made of stone. Imagine being happy and laughing with another person, having no concern in the world except love, and sharing your joy with them. That it would last forever.

A man. A samurai full of passion and unattainable dreams who divides a bond and a person’s heart with his charisma. An ancient Loomian Legacy, feeling so betrayed, so terribly, and so alone without her other half.

Spending days in cemeteries because the ever-present phantoms might seem real there. The sight of that twin, and the absence of them everywhere.

It is like losing your drive, your purpose, and your very core to the ghosts.

A message that one day the samurai had been killed in battle, which left the other half of the Loomian Legacy devastated. That half lost its innocence forever, and as such, all of the innocence that remained in its twin.

  • Flood of visions, not of death per se but of the end to a life.

Sanyu doesn’t have room for grief Loomian Legacy or terror anymore. This part of her is gone. It leaves only a hollow space that’s almost as empty as the blue-flamed beast’s grief. It has taken another soul.

  • This time, the darkness is Loomian Legacy empty.