Feitan: Is muscular, short and lean.

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He has dark, medium-length hair and grey eyes. He is dressed in dark, baggy clothes with a bandana that features the skull crest. The spider tattoo of Feitan has not yet been revealed. Feitan is a dark-blue haired character in the anime adaptation of 1999. He also has golden eyes.

Feitan, the Phantom Troupe’s interrogator, is very skilled in torture. His speech is often short and has poor grammar. When angry, he uses a language not familiar to the rest of the world.

While he is loyal to Chrollo and the Troupe, Feitan prioritizes the Troupe’s survival. It is assumed that he is involved in all Troupe activities. He remembers exactly how long ago all members had gathered, what has changed, and who the new members are.

Feitan, Shalnark teasing Phinks

Fei tan is a good friend to the others, even though he sometimes clashes with them. He is especially close to Phinks. They work together on missions and compete to get the most kills. There are subtle signs that Fei Tan has a close friendship with Shalnark. He once assured Shalnark Uvogin wouldn’t be killed so easily. The Troupe’s success at the auction was celebrated by the two of them. As he agreed to let Killua and Gon leave after being first captured, he only did so after Shalnark had made it clear that this was okay. Feitan has a funny side. This is evident when he and Shalnark tease Phinks following their battles against Chimera Ants. Fei tan wore an unusual expression throughout the entire time.

Feitan threatens to torture Gon

Fei Tan, the Troupe’s interrogator once said that he felt “most sorry for” his victim. This indicated that he had some sympathy. He is still a sadist, who loves inflicting pain. He had planned to begin his torture of Gon with the ripping off of his fingernails. Fei Tan’s sadism also included his maniacal laughter, mocking and ridicule directed at Zazan as she was dying.


Feitan was his youth

We don’t know much about Feitan’s history, except that he was a founder member of the Troupe. All of them hail from Meteor City which is a junkyard city home to outcasts. The existence of the city and the names of those who reside there are not documented in official records. He is believed to have participated in the massacre by the Kurta Clan.

He nearly killed several Troupe members at one point when he released the Pain Packer ability, while they tried to watch. 

  • Plot
  • Yorknew City arc
  • Fei Tan and three Troupe members make their way to Yorknew City

Fei Tan is seen walking with Franklin, Nobunaga and Machi through the Gordeau desert to Yorknew City on August 31st. Nobunaga asked Fei tan how long since the Troupe has been together. Fei tan replied quickly with three years and two month, and that members 4 & 8 have been replaced. Fei tan mentions Hisoka and says that he doesn’t like him. He also wonders why Chrollo gives him the freedom to do what he wants. Feitan apologizes to Nobunaga for suggesting that Chrollo was afraid of Hisoka after Nobunaga praises Hisoka’s strength and ability. When Franklin and Nobunaga clash over Hisoka, Fei tan quickly moves out of the way and Machi follows. Machi is curious about what Chrollo has in mind. As they talk about items to steal and discuss their plans, Fei Tan mentions that the auction would have the most expensive and dangerous game. All Troupe members gather in an abandoned building to discuss their plans. Chrollo informs Fei Tan and the other that they will steal all the items at Underground Auction.

Franklin and FeiTan take over the auction

Fei Tan, Franklin, and Shizuku walk the streets of Tokyo that evening with Fei Tan. She loses to Gon in arm wrestling and he criticizes her for being weak. He also asks why she doesn’t use her dominant hand. He reminds her about their current job and tells her to keep trying. Feitan and Franklin, dressed in suits and bowties enter the auction hall. The Mafia members sit in their seats while Franklin takes the stage. Fei Tan welcomes them, then announces that all will die. Franklin begins to slaughter the crowd with his Double Machine Gun. Fei tan laments not having anything to do after all the attendees have died. Shizuku clears the scene and Fei Tan notices that one of the Mafia members is still on the floor. He promises them that the Mafia would track down their families and torture them, but Franklin kills the man quickly as Fei Tan mockingly questions him about his family.

Fei Tan tortures the auctioneer until he is dead, after which the Spiders discover that the vault was empty. Owl, one of the Shadow Beasts, entered the vault and somehow moved all the items. Chrollo orders the Troupe members to create a commotion in order to draw out other Shadow Beasts as they make their escape from the vault. Feitan assures Shizuku she won’t be responsible for the destruction after dozens of Mafia members follow them to the Gordeau desert. Uvogin leads them all, while the Spiders discuss the differences in strength. Fei Tan informs the Troupe members about the arrival of four Shadow Beasts after Uvogin has killed the Mafia members. He covers his ears, just like the other Spiders to protect his ears from being blinded by Uvogin’s scream.

Feitan prepares to fight the Shadow Beasts

Uvogin is taken by Kurapika. Fei Tan, Shalnark and Machi steal a car from Nobunaga and chase the abductors. Their vehicle is within reach of them, but Owl stops by their car and shrinks it with his Fun Fun Cloth. Except for Nobunaga who Fei tan attributes his poor position, the Spiders are able to escape the attack. Fei tan, Shizuku and five more Shadow Beasts arrive. This causes Fei to think that the person who took Uvogin in chains is not a Shadow Beast. Fei tan prepares for combat, stating that they need only ask them. The Spiders defeat the Shadow Beasts, and discover that Uvogin has been taken by the Nostrade Family. Fei Tan returns to the hideout along with the Owl captured, torturing him, and retrieving the auction items. Later that night, Shalnark asked Fei tan if Uvogin had returned. Fei tan replies that he hasn’t, but assures Shalnark that Uvogin won’t die so easily. Chrollo points out Uvogin would be vulnerable against the chain user and tells the others that Uvogin won’t return before dawn if he doesn’t.

Feitan arguing alongside Nobunaga

Fei Tan is present at the hideout on September 3rd when Machi, Phinks and Nobunaga return with the captured Gon, Killua. He recognizes Gon, the Shizuku boy who arm-wrestled before and warns Franklin that it is futile to try to get her to remember something she’s forgotten. Feitan quickly restrains Gon after he loses repeatedly to Nobunaga arm-wrestling. Gon asks him if he is familiar with the chain user. When Gon replies that he did, Fei Tan prepares to torture him. Nobunaga stops him and they argue over activating their Ren. They remind each other that there is no fighting in the Troupe and flip a coin to resolve the matter. Fei Tan loses the toss and reluctantly releases Gon. When the Spiders agree to allow the boys to go, he teases Killua and him. Fei Tan says that Chrollo wouldn’t accept the offer of joining the Troupe if Nobunaga insists that they stay. He then goes with the other Spiders, except for Nobunaga and Chrollo, to a meeting in which Shalnark explains their new plan of action against Nostrade Family.

Feitan relaying Chrollo’s orders to Phinks

Fei tan joins Phinks as he tells him that Chrollo told him to go to the Cemetery Building to unleash hell. Phinks is able to kill one Mafia member and then asks Fei Tan where the rest are. Fei Tan replies that they will be heading there and will dispatch any guards. He mentions that Chrollo has asked them to make a huge show of the massacre. Fei Tan and other members quickly killed more than 2,000 Mafia officers and police officers. They use Kortopi’s ability, including Fei Tan, to fake the deaths several Troupe members and create duplicates of auction items. The fakes are then sold at the rescheduled sale. Fei Tan celebrates their victory with the Troupe members back at the hideout.

Chrollo declares it is time for the Troupe’s departure from the city on September 4, but Nobunaga insists they pursue the chain user. Chrollo knows that Nobunaga will not stop his vendetta against Kurapika so he uses his newly acquired ability to write fortunes for him as well as the other Troupe members. Fei tan, Pakunoda and Pakunoda realise that the chain user must have been a Kurta Clan survivor. Fei Tan and Phinks cannot have their fortunes revealed because Phinks isn’t aware of his birthday, and Fei Tan doesn’t even know his blood type. Hisoka uses the Texture Surprise to change his fortune and convinces Chrollo to stay in Yorknew. They discover later that the chain user is at Hotel Beitacle due to Kortopi following the Scarlet Eyes copied they sold to Nostrade Family the previous night. While the rest of the group, including Fei Tan, Franklin, Bonolenov, and Hisoka, remain at the hideout, Fei Tan heads to the hotel.

Fei tan trying Pakunoda’s conversation

Pakunoda shows Fei Tan in a flashback that recalls the formation of Troupe in Meteor City. Fei tan is among those who listen to Chrollo’s speech on the importance of Spider. Fei tan and Phinks join the other members of the hotel lobby after Chrollo is taken by Kurapika. Fei tan confronts Nobunaga over what he perceives to be inaction, until Nobunaga explains the reason they didn’t pursue the chain user. After Kurapika contacts him, he tries to listen in, but Fei Tan hears from Pakunoda that only Pakunoda can hear the details and reluctantly walks off. She is told to travel alone to Lingon Airport, while the rest of the Spiders will return to their hideout. She is to be pursued by Phinks and Fei tan and Shalnark, in defiance of Nobunaga and Shizuku’s wishes. Nobunaga is told by Fei tan that his way of thinking insults the Spiders, since even Chrollo would agree with the fact that the group should have priority. The tension escalates and the Spiders are divided into two groups. Nobunaga is willing to fight for Chrollo and Pakunoda. Shizuku manages to calm the situation by knocking Nobunaga unconscious. Kurapika calls them to inform them that there is a way to know where they are. He repeats his orders, which the Spiders eventually agree to.

Fei tan, Machi, Kortopi and Phinks in front of Pakunoda and Machi

Fei tan, the others and Killua are taken back to the hideout by Fei tan. Fei Tan and Phinks prepare to fight Machi and Kortopi when Pakunoda, who insists that she bring Gon and Killua back to the hideout to exchange hostages. Fei tan believes they are being controlled by the chain user. Fei tan is ready to confront Gon when he breaks from his chains in an rageful fit of anger. However, Phinks stop him. Franklin rises up and persuades the others to obey the chain user’s orders and allow Pakunoda and the boys to go. He stresses that fighting would end in the death of the Troupe.

After successfully executing the hostage exchange Pakunoda returns to her home without Chrollo. She fires six Memory Bombs into Fei Tan and the five founding members. The explosions quickly collapse afterward. Shizuku examines her body and confirms she is dead. She then asks the other members what happened. The others are then informed by Phinks.