Wings Etc: Is family-friendly

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Restaurant and pub with a varied menu including their award-winning jumbo Wings Etc, wood-smoked babies back ribs, cold beers, great atmosphere and that “vibe” that makes it easy to just come in and hang out. It’s fine if you can’t make it in time to enjoy a chat. Waiter on The Way will deliver your entire meal right to your door.

You can choose from 7 wings, 10 wings or 24 Wings Etc. There are also 50 options. Both boneless and traditional options are available. All of these are served with celery, bleu cheese, ranch or your choice sauce. They come in a variety of flavors, so you can choose from mild or hot.

Their Ultimate Nachos are a must-try! It serves four people. It includes chili, lettuce and tomato as well as onions, jalapenos and cheese on freshly-cooked tortilla chips. This is a delicious, fresh option that will make you want to come back for more.

You can also find everything on their menu, including appetizers, burgers, ribs, and dessert. Are you looking for something healthier? You can check out their wide selection of wraps and salads. Wings Etc. Wings Etc. knows how to deliver the flavor and how to deliver it. Place your order at 260-442-3663! Check out their!

Wings Etc Overview

The Wings Etc. The Wings Etc. franchise is a full-service restaurant concept that has been operating in many states. We are looking for franchise owners who share our vision, values, and commitment to success. ).

Wings Etc. was founded in 1994 in South Bend, Indiana by Jim Weaver. Wings is a family-friendly Grill & Pub that offers a variety of dishes including jumbo wings and ribs as well as sandwiches, burgers and subs.

Wings Etc Additional

The Bar and Grill segment has seen a huge rise in the foodservice industry over the past 20 years. A sports bar was defined as a bar that had a TV. Sports bars are driving growth in full-service restaurants chains today, while traditional family-style restaurants are trying to catch up.

This is where Wings Etc. comes in. This is where Wings. franchise becomes interesting. Wings Etc. has been around since 1994. Wings. has established a remarkable brand position in its home market. We have been expanding into other markets over the years and have achieved success while competing “toe-to-toe” with large full-service chains. This allows us to offer a relaxed, fun, and slightly irreverent sports bar environment.

Why Choose Our Franchise?

Wings Etc. operates 16 company-owned shops and has real-world business and operational experience driving sales. This level of investment and commitment has resulted in a franchise training program that is built upon continually-improving best practices, excellent documentation, extensive daily, weekly and monthly forms, and deep industry experience in national chain restaurants among our trainers.

The training program offers up to six weeks’ of hands-on, comprehensive training for both you and your management team.

  • The Wings Etc. The Franchise Advantage…
  • Start-up costs are low
  • Low break-even requirements
  • Training and support for preopening
  • Simple operations
  • Negotiated volume discounts
  • Ongoing operational support
  • Advertising & marketing of national quality
  • The Wings Etc. Success Secrets
  • We are passionate about providing exceptional customer service.
  • We are dedicated to helping franchisees reach their financial and career goals.

These are the guiding principles for a dedicated, talented management team that has over 450 years combined experience in the restaurant franchising business.

Wings Etc Customer Experience

The atmosphere and decor are friendly and warm. This is a place that families and friends can visit to relax, have fun, and laugh a lot in an environment where it’s not easy to find relaxation, fun, and laughter. We are known for our delicious food and we continue to be a delight to the many loyal customers who return time and again to share their experience with us, often introducing them to new friends.

Success of Franchisees

We start by listening to your goals and then provide targeted support.

  • First-time franchise owner looking to make a career shift, either to realize their dream of owning a company, to earn more income or to secure stability in a volatile job market.
  • Veteran franchise owner looking to diversify and expand his portfolio.
  • Franchisees enjoy the rewards of our exceptional commitment to a thoroughly tested operational system.
  • Wings Etc. was founded in the first decade. Ten years after the founding three pilot shops, Etc. was established, the franchise was granted.
  • Today, Wings Etc. operates 17 company shops where every new item, piece or equipment is tested before being offered to franchisees.

Site selection and support through construction. Training programs are offered at corporate headquarters as well as Wings Etc. Teams are there to support you during pre-opening setup, grand open, and ongoing operation for as long as necessary.

Looking towards the Future

Our financial model is intended to help you achieve short-term success while positioning you for long-term growth. Our market segment has the lowest launch and build-out costs. Labor and food costs are favorable so break-even requirements can be minimized. Our model’s economics allow for expansion to other locations when it is appropriate.

Our Exploration and Decision Process

We don’t try to sell franchises. The Wings Etc. The Wings Etc. team will discuss all details and openly discuss the good and bad aspects of the opportunity. We’ll then work together to make a decision. We may either be enthusiastically embarking on the journey together or we will make new friends and wish one another well.

Next steps

After completing an initial online screening, you’ll work with our Vice President Franchise Development to determine if Wings Etc. is right for you. team.