Kobe Steakhouse: Offers to Unique Teppanyaki

By: DavidPage

We have a busy year ahead of us, so we decided to take some time to review all major attractions lined up for visitors over the next 12 month. Over 30 years, Kobe Japanese Kobe steakhouse has been delighting hungry diners all over the globe with its unique teppanyaki cuisine. Teppanyaki is a Japanese term for dishes that are cooked on an iron plate. At kobe steakhouse , they have reimagined this traditional Japanese technique to provide diners with excitement and entertainment as they watch their food being prepared right in front them. The talented hibachi chefs will cut and dice the meats and vegetables for customers, before cooking them on open fire in front of their guests. This is all while adding fun and humour to the experience.

Orlando Weekly readers voted Kobe the best Japanese restaurant for the 8th Kobe Steakhouse consecutive years. Kobe offers diners a variety of premium steaks, seafood and Asian fusion food at 11 locations throughout Florida (soon 12 with the additions of the St Petersburg location), seven in Orlando, and four in Tampa.

You won’t only get delicious food in Kobe steakhouse, but you will also have a memorable dining experience that places a lot emphasis on performance. They are known for their innovative culinary skills that transform raw meat into delicious steaming food.

Teppanyaki dishes can be served alongside rice, noodles and vegetables at Kobe steakhouse.

You can choose from a variety of set meals, such as the Ultimate Kobe Steakhouse Japanese Wagyu. This includes a starter of crab cakes followed by 4oz Japanese Wagyu beef, lobster, and the house dessert. The Sumo Sampler is another option. It includes crab cake, sirloin, chicken and lobster, as well as shrimp, scallops, shrimp, and lobster. You’ll be able to finish the dessert in your house, if you have enough room!

“The food is exceptional, the service is excellent, and the chefs make your time here entertaining!”

There are many delicious sushi options available, including dozens of delicious sushi rolls. The Red Dragon Roll is a signature offering. It is made with tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, and is topped with spicy tuna and tempura flakes, spring onions, jalapenos, and sesame seed.

Dessert should not be missed. Fried Ice Cream is on the menu. Chocolate lovers can try the Chocolate Mousse Cake.

“My children loved this place. The chef was hilarious and made my kids laugh. He also showed them tricks. Although I don’t know his name, he was very friendly. It’s really good food. Send us a photo of your favorite decorations this holiday season. We will award the Disney Goody Bag to the entry with the most creative.

Is there any special offer at Kobe Japanese Kobe Steakhouse

You can get a free kid’s main dish when you bring four children to Kobe on Tuesdays. You won’t be disappointed if you check with the restaurant before your visit.

Kobe Steakhouse offers an Early Bird deal that allows you to eat before the rest of your diners. It runs from 5pm to 6pm on Sunday through Thursday. The full menu and prices can be found on Kobe’s website. You will also find the latest innovation from Kobe: Maihana Asian cuisine at the Orlando restaurant on International Drive. This intimate dining experience for two allows guests to enjoy spicy pork-belly Teriyaki and mango sushi rolls as well as many other delicious dishes.

You can also find other promotions on the website. Double-check your search before you make a purchase to ensure you are not missing any opportunities for savings.

Parent tip: Get a side dish – there is plenty of food so that the whole family can enjoy it together!

Are there any Kobe Japanese Kobe Steakhouses in Orlando?

There are 11 locations for the restaurants in Florida. Three of them are near I-4, and three others close to villas and the theme parks. The website lists all details about the restaurants, including opening hours and menus.